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1952 Gibson SJ 200 Black

1952 Gibson SJ 200 Black

$ 8,988.00

This guitar was refinished black, looks like many decades ago. There are also many repairs so I will list what I can see. There are repaired side cracks on each side of the body. I can see two plugged holes on the top if I look carefully. When I bought the guitar, years ago, the neck had been re set. I decided to spend $$$$ to have the neck re set again. These old SJ 200 models will not sound right if the neck is re set resulting in a very high saddle. That makes the guitar lose tone and top vibration in my opinion. I had the neck re set done to match guitars I own that sound great and the results are pleasing, this guitar now sounds great, as it should. The pick guard is very old perhaps late 1950s but is not original. This is a rough looking guitar but does have some charm and patina and now produces great sound!