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1964 Fender Jazz Bass Sunburst

1964 Fender Jazz Bass Sunburst

$ 14,690.00

Clay dot alert. These 1964 Jazz Basses turn me on, it seems like the Fender company had a good thing going at that time. This one is all the rage and I would like to mention it has clay dot inlays, a must for the serious player. I would not be caught dead with any other kind of dots at any time, nor should you. The "pick " + "guard"   is also very dark with large color particles to focus on when you are trying to learn complicated Jaco bass lines like we all do. This bass has all the original parts and finish and clay dots with no major issues. There are two or three extra screw holes in the back from a strap contraption Fender used to offer in the 1960s.