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1952 Fender Bassman

1952 Fender Bassman

$ 3,990.00

This is the oldest Fender Bassman amplifier you will ever see. The Bassman was introduced in 1952 and this is an early one with the TV front style cabinet. It is doubtful that Fender made more than 20-25 of these. I am going to do my best to describe the amp but have not much to compare it to. The amp seems pretty original on the inside. One pot is changed. The other pot looks to be original. The speaker and we think the transformers are original. The grill cloth has been changed. The covering looks factory but painted black. The amp is working and has reasonable power. If you have a copy of "THE PINECASTER BOOK" (you need this book) the amp was loaned for the purpose of photographic documentation.