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1966 Fender Jazz Bass Darryl Jones Sunburst

1966 Fender Jazz Bass Darryl Jones Sunburst

$ 9,450.00

In 2011 I made a purchase of two basses from Mr. Darryl Jones a musician of some renown.
He contacted me on a recommendation from a mutual friend and I bought two Fender basses from him.
He shipped me the basses from LAX on my Southwest air cargo account. I asked him to also provide pictures of him with each bass, which he was kind enough to include.

Then I forgot to sell the basses, until now. This 1966 Fender Jazz Bass was owned and used by Mr. Jones. Darryl Jones has been playing bass in or with the Rolling Stones band since 1993, both live and on recordings.
He has also been the bass player for Eric Clapton, Sting, Miles Davis, Peter Gabriel and many others.

This bass is original and not modified but has some playing wear, of course.