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1967 Epiphone Coronet Cherry

1967 Epiphone Coronet Cherry

$ 2,950.00

A funny thing happened to me on the way to Irving Plaza. Our van caught fire in Iowa City when our band was on tour. We were scheduled to perform at the Folk City 25th Anniversary Show in New York City with the Ben Vaughn Combo, Smithereens and Marshall Crenshaw. We had our van repaired and drove non stop to get there just in time. It was a very memorable evening of song and mirth. Just a slice of life. Three degrees of Marshall Crenshaw...vnow this guitar is entering my list of guitars for sale. This was owned and played by Mr. Crenshaw who is a wonderful original song craftsman and singer. He also was featured in the rock biopic movie "La Bamba".... I hope to see it sometime. The guitar in intact and not cracked or broken but has a few changed parts. The original bridge and tailpiece are swapped out. The knobs are correct era but gold instead of black. The tuners are the correct type but with metal buttons, not the plastic ones I usually see. The guitar includes the personalized road case.