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1951 Fender Telecaster

1951 Fender Telecaster

$ 24,950.00

This guitar is a recent trade in from the sunny shores of Valencia Spain. The fellow who restored this guitar did it as a labor of love. Here are the details. This guitar is not all original. You can call it a restoration or a composite guitar. You decide. The neck is 100 percent original, the frets, the finish, the decal, even the tuners. Everything on the neck is original with no modification. The bridge, the pickups and electronics are from the same time period circa 1952-53. The body and the pickguard are re creations of the original and I have not seen anything that compares this well to an original pick guard or finish. The guitar is amazing, lightweight resonant and easy to play. 1951 Telecaster guitars are the rarest of any in the Telecaster family.