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1948 Fender Champion 800 Amp

1948 Fender Champion 800 Amp

$ 2,950.00

This is perhaps the rarest Fender tweed amp made and, just darn rare in general. I have read Fender could have made 100 of these. I think they made a few dozen from what I can calculate. This one looks pretty original but it has had some dark finish painted over the tweed and perhaps the grill. The power cord has been taped with electrical tape. I plugged it in and lived to type this ad. The amp does work. The amp is not loud. Not as loud as it should be It seems that the amp will need service work. 

If you have ever been looking for one of these, I am here to help.I am selling this item as is with no returns. I never do that but I am hoping who ever buys this will be able to restore this and not hurt themselves.

Talk amongst yourselves.