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1998 Fender Darryl Jones Prototype Bass Rare One

1998 Fender Darryl Jones Prototype Bass Rare One

$ 7,950.00

In 2011 I was contacted through a mutual friend by bassist, Darryl Jones. I purchased two Fender basses from him and he shipped the instruments to me from LAX on my Southwest airlines account.
Then I forgot to sell the basses.
Three years ago I sold the 1966 Jazz bass. The other bass is for sale now. When he offered it to me he told me it is a Fender Darryl Jones Model prototype. That is what it is. What I did not realize at the time is that Fender never made a Darryl Jones model bass. Those are made by Lakeland.
This must have been a model proposed by Fender to have him promote the brand. I think this is a one off prototype. It has a narrow Jazz Bass style neck and is a very well made instrument. It was made sometime before 2011 perhaps late 1990s. Mr. Jones was kind enough to include a picture of himself with the bass at the time.
I am hoping to see the film that is coming out soon "Darryl Jones, in the Blood" of Mr. Jones life and exceptional career with Miles Davis, Sting , and for the last few decades playing bass within the Rolling Stones.