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1976 Fender Mustang Olympic White Maple Neck

1976 Fender Mustang Olympic White Maple Neck

$ 2,650.00

Some of us have needs that are very specific. That is me. Sometimes a guitar will present itself with a rare and interesting combination of features, like this one. Most Fender guitar models did not benefit from changes and updates in the 1970s. I think the Mustang model did. I am not sure but I think this guitar has an ash body. That is a good sounding wood for guitars. The 1960s Mustang had a Poplar wood body. That is not a good sounding wood, in my hearing aid needing opinion. This Mustang also has the solid maple neck, available only in the 1970s and a nice original Olympic White finish. It is a good one. I think only the pick guard is not original.